Technologia Incognita with its space, the first year

This week, it's exactly a year ago that Techinc got its first space. So a good moment to reflect on our first year and how we've progressed.
We started out with /tmp/inc, a space on the Vijzelstraat provided to us by Mediamatic while our definitive space was being made available. In October 2012 we moved to our current space and since then things have improved quite a bit.

  • We've tripled the number of members to about 65.
  • Many different projects and workshops going on. Various members use the space all week, in fact, we're open almost every day now!
  • We have access to many working tools for soldering, woodworking and 3D printing.
  • There is a electronics corner which has a wide array of components available.
  • We've arranged for a point-to-point data connection to (Wireless-)Leiden and Amsterdam Noord, with plans for more connections to follow; several other Dutch hackerspaces showed some interest.
  • We haven't been on fire.