Open Hackerspace Day - March 28th 2015

Techinc will be participating in Open Hackerspace Day 2015,
We will be open in the afternoon and evening.

On Saturday March 28th, you are welcome to have a look in one of many Dutch hackerspaces. A hackerspace is a place where people with a technically creative spirit gather to work on projects or to talk. During this open day, it is possible to see some examples of hacking projects and see what happens in a hackerspace.

Some examples of activities are:
* Learning how websites, networks and other computer-based systems can be vulnerable to attackers and what can be done about this.
* Programming electronics and microcontrollers like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Hackers can show you how these can be used to build CNC milling, laser cutters, 3D printers, home automation, clocks, pick&place machines or autonomous robots.
* The use of 3D printers, for example to develop a jaw prosthesis, keys to copied from a picture, or a broken part to replace a household appliance.
* Discuss the use of personal data by companies or the government and the effects of this on our privacy and other aspects of society.
* There are also different presentations in hackerspaces of individual projects carried out in there.

Hackers find ethics an important subject, and distinguish themselves from cyber criminals by a strong sense of ethical behavior. During the open-hackerspaces-day it will be explained how hackers contribute to a better world by looking with fresh eyes to society, technology and organizations, and how they share their knowledge with the community. Additionally hackerspaces are also places where people are welcome who just make beautiful things and can find common space, tools, like-minded and can find inspiration. This can be in many forms from jigsaws to artisan smiths, to biohacking, or to molecular cooking.

Everyone is welcome to come take a look during the open day. The doors are open from 10:00am, the end of the day programme is around 17:00. Some hackerspaces remain open in the evening.
Registration is not required, it is often appreciated if press make themselves known beforehand. Some hackerspaces will have the opportunity to eat it at night, for which registration is required.
Many of the Dutch hackerspaces participate in the event, see their own website for more details:

* Almere - Sk1llz -
* Amersfoort - Bitlair -
* Amsterdam - Technologia Incognita -
* Arnhem - Hack42 -
* The Hague - RevSpace -
* Enschede - TkkrLab -
* Heerlen - ACKspace -
* Leeuwarden - Frack -
* Utrecht - Random Data -