Belated 10 / almost 11 year anniversary

Last year was TechInc's 10th anniversary, which is a cause for celebration, and was also a period of history in which a worldwide pandemic discouraged celebration. So we're all gonna pretend that didn't happen and have a suitably grand party this year, on:

Saturday,December 10th 2022, from 19:00 onwards at ACTA

Everyone is invited: members, ex-members, friends of the space, hangers-on, well-wishers, and anyone else. If you know someone who should be there, invite them. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to to help with estimation for supplies and such.


  • Nostalgic pinings over TechInc's 10 11-year history
  • Evening program with drinks, talking, reminiscing
  • Homebrew beer on tap
  • Lightning talks

Commemorative T-shirts have been designed but will not be distributed at the event. Register interest in a T-shirt (and your shirt size!) by emailing